Angela Monaco is a Philadelphia-based jewelry designer, metalsmith and the owner-operator of Concrete Polish, a hand-crafted jewelry business located in Northern Liberties.

Enchanted by crystals from the start, Angela’s mother adorned her childhood home with their powerful presence. Pursuing her childhood fascination, Angela studied Jewelry Design at the [Maryland Institute College of Art] where she learned the art of marrying minerals with metal.  In 2011, she launched her brand Concrete Polish Jewels with the intention of helping people experience the healing benefits of customized adornment.

The talismans Angela creates are bold and bewitching, rare and wearable. In Angela’s hands, rugged geodes become lustrous emblems of beauty and strength. She crafts each piece to become an heirloom—a precious possession to pass down through generations: immortal and timeless.

Each Concrete Polish design is individually handcrafted on-site with environmentally-considered materials and produced in Philadelphia’s historic Jewelers’ Row. Since minerals are known to pick up different vibrational frequencies, Concrete Polish jewelry is always cleansed and charged with Reiki before being sent to its designated owner. Though Angela’s designs are worn all over the world, her love and dedication to each piece ensures they remain one-of-a-kind.

Visit her brick & mortar boutique "Ritual Ritual" at 819 N. 2nd st. Philadelphia.  To schedule a consultation about custom jewelry fill out the form here.


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